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                      HongFeng spirit:
                      Honesty is his life, is the magic weapon of service, efficiency is that the first conviction

                      HongFeng Purpose:
                      Quality win world brand

                      HongFeng Quality Policy :
                      In the most economical way, reliable quality, excellent services and good customer satisfaction

                      Staff concepts:
                      Love and dedication, innovation, self-discipline

                      Staff guidelines:
                      Enter the job and forget himself; According to regulations on plastic image
                      Into teamwork and loyalty; Study hard, and selfless devotion

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                        Cangzhou Hongfeng Precision Casting Co.,Ltd. is a joint venture gathering with casting, processing, designing and sale. The company covers an area of 6600 square meters. The staff is more than 200, 20% of which are engineers and technicians. The company is located in Nanhuan Industrial Zone of Cangzhou city. It has convenient transportation, and is close to the Huanghua Port on the east and near Jing-hu expressway in the west.

                      The company has top workshop in domestic and the first-rate investment casting production line, OBLF-Gs1000 direct-reading spectrograph form Germany; tapping machine which imported from Taiwan and numerical control machine beltineand assembly unit testing beltine etc. In2003, it passed the ISO9001CAD/CAM techniques in product designing, microcomputer examination and testing was used in controlling the quality of products. All could ensure that the company has high-quality products and high efficient produce ability to hold the market in domestic and abroad rapidly.

                      Hongfeng company is devoted to the research and development of precision casting of stainless steel; all kinds of stainless steel valves and pipe fittings. Main products of company are all sorts of junction ball valves (1PC,2PC,3PC),T-type and L-type three-way ball valves, check valve ,cut-off valve ,filter ,quick disconnect coupling, food nut, and all series of stainless steel pipe fittings, etc. All products of company were designed and tested according to the international standard API, ANSL, BS, JIS, DIN, ISO and GB, etc. In addition, the company also could produce all kinds of deformed fittings in accordance with the requirements of customer.

                      The aim of Hongfeng Company is "quality is the first; customer is the highest". Quality is the life of enterprise and customer is the god of enterprise .We hope to set up business relations with customers in domestic and abroad with high quality, good service, reasonable price and best reputation and accurate delivery time. We"ll offer best quality and most excellent service up to our customers.

                      Looking toward the future, Hongfeng company will optimize the organization continuous on techniques, workshops, equipments and staff training. The products of Hongfeng will be better and better; Hongfeng Products will be the first important brand for all consumers from home and abroad.

                        Niangniangmiao Industries Area,Nanhuan District Cangzhou,Hebei,China   Tel:0317-2051877 2120955 2059062   

                        Fax:0317-2120700   Management
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